Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Skybus Pilots to Unionize?

I'm a union member, and I can see why Skybus Pilots would want to unionize- They don't make much money compared to other pilots. If this does happen, look for ticket prices to go up, up, up.

From today's Columbus Dispatch-

"Skybus also faces a drive by its pilots to unionize, with a vote expected in the next month on possible representation by the Teamsters. Skybus pilots say they are paid significantly less than the industry average."

I don't doubt they are not paid very well, but these pilots began working with Skybus knowing full well what they were getting themselves into. Perhaps Skybus really is making money and they are just looking for a bigger piece of the pie? Only time will tell. Again, more signs that the Skybus honeymoon is over.


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