Thursday, March 27, 2008

Skybus now a "Struggling" Airline?

It is quite amazing how rosy and happy the Skybus story was up until about two weeks ago, when the first leaks showed difficult times ahead for the airline. First, routes were cut, and then, CEO Bill Diffenderffer resigned.

The Columbus Dispatch, whose owner also is invested in Skybus, is now categorizing the airline as struggling.

Today, word leaked out that the city of Melbourne, Florida, would love to have the airline land along the space coast. We'll see what Skybus will do, but don't count on seeing orange planes land and take off unless the city and airport ponies up some incentives for the start-up and now struggling carrier.

I'm amazed how gung-ho and happy we all were about Skybus less than a year ago. Now, I'm wondering if my future flights will be re-scheduled due to route changes, or even worse, dropped altogether!


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