Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chicopee Airport Receives Grant

Skybus Airlines is affecting commerce around the country. Westover Airport in Chicopee Massachusetts, which hasn't had regularly scheduled passenger service since the 1980's, will be the newest Skybus destination in mid July. The airport just received a $1.85 million grant to fund renovations and improvements. I have never been to Chicopee, but it sounds like the airport lacks basic needs such as parking! The grant will help double parking and provide for hangar improvements. Overall, Skybus has the advantage of flying to these super small, somewhat out of the way airports, in that passengers will not have to battle the masses at the typical mainstream airports. Anyways, just another reason to check out this brand new airline.

The latest news from Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Skybus Plane Photos has several excellent pictures of Skybus Airbus a319 aircraft. While the first Skybus plane is orange, later ones seem to be mostly white, leaving plenty of space for future advertisements. It doesn't look like any company has been brave enough to shell out five-hundred thousand dollars to sponsor an airplane.

Skybus looking to fly to Cancun, Nassau

That's right, Skybus Airlines may soon be able to get you to the Bahamas and the resort land of Cancun Mexico. Its possible that Skybus may begin flying to at least one of these destinations in 2007, while the second would come online sometime in 2008. This only makes sense for skybus. Currently, there aren't any regularly scheduled flights to either of these destinations from Port Columbus, and you have to figure people will eat up these cheap international flights like mice flocking to peanut butter! Read about Skybus' international plans in today's Columbus Dispatch.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Skybus Heading to Austin Texas?

No routes have been announced, but rumor has it that Austin Texas may be one of Skybus Airlines next destinations. In fact, airport authorities there are looking to build a new terminal for ultra low cost carriers like skybus. Read about Skybus and Austin at

Chicopee Prepares for Skybus

Skybus will begin flying to Chicopee Massachusetts, via Westover Metropolitan airport beginning July 5th. Read about Chicopee's preparations here.


I've been following skybus airlines since the summer of 2006. I live in Columbus, and this will be a place for me to update everyone on the growth and development of Skybus.