Monday, March 24, 2008

Skybus CEO Resigns

I Always looked as Bill Diffenderffer as Skybus's biggest cheerleader. Today, he resigned as CEO of the young airline, to be replaced by 35 year old Mike Hodge, who has been with the Airline since March 2007.

Has the Skybus honeymoon ended? I'd say that is a sure bet. Let's see where Mike takes the airline. I'll still continue to fly as long as they offer $10 and $35 fares.



nadeaufan17 said...

I'm hopeful that they will do well but they are going to strugle with oil prices through the roof.

Tom said...

Yes- This is something that has thrown a monkey wrench into Skybus's plans, for sure. Unfortunately, I doubt oil drops significantly any time soon, so I'm not looking for Skybus to fly much to the west coast for quite some time. I'm pulling for the experiment to work- we've had nothing but good experiences with Skybus after flying with them 3 times . We have 3 more trips booked in 2008.

nadeaufan17 said...

I've only used them once, which was last weekend and the experience was positive. Flight was 10 minutes early, but only half full which is worrysome. I will say that pretty much everybody I could see was buying food or drink, then again it took off at noon, but I was surprised at just how many people actually bought stuff.