Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Airtran Flights Begin November 6th

Port Columbus will welcome the first Airtran flights on November 6th, with flights to Atlanta, Fort Myers, and Orlando. Judging on the popularity of now defunct Skybus flights to Florida destinations, look for the Airtran routes to the sunshine state to be popular. Atlanta should also be popular, as it gives Columbus fliers a legitimate and much cheaper alternative to Delta, who was charging over $400 for a round trip direct flight to Hotlanta. Columbus, Airtran is coming, giving us more options to jet to the southeast.

What about future Aitran destinations from C-bus? I'd like to see flights to Boston and Baltimore. From Baltimore, my wife and I could transfer to a flight to Portland Maine, one of our favorite destinations. We'll see what happens, but my gut feeling is that Port Columbus and Airtran are headed for a long, prosperous relationship.



Mike said...

Are you going to follow any other aviation going on in Ohio? I was over in Urbana a couple of weeks ago and my brother took me to see the B-17 they are working on to restore.
Mike... and Things That go

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